World-Class STEM Pedagogy & Educational Solution Workshop for Educators

World-Class STEM Pedagogy & Educational Solution Workshop for Educators

On 12 to 13 July, CM Asia Learning partnered Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST) and APPLE Thailand to conduct a STEM Pedagogy and Educational Solution workshop for the educators around Thailand.

We hosted 134 educators at the event and ran four featured STEM lessons to give them a wider range of experiences on how STEM Education can be implemented. The workshops were conducted by Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy certified Master Trainers.

Our Program Director, Ng Puay San opened the workshop with an introduction to the Key Elements of an Effective STEM Education Program.







One of the key element to the effectiveness of STEM Education is Computational Thinking. Attended by 134 educators from all over Thailand, specially invited by IPST.

Before the start of the workshop, we encourage the participants to list the things they would expect to learn from the workshop.









The participants were grouped into teams for the workshop. Writing their list of expectations.


During the STEM Workshops

Participants get to put on students’ thinking hats to learn computational thinking and big ideas in the curriculum with hands-on activities, and put on teachers’ thinking hats to reflect on how integrated STEM lessons incorporate the 21st century skills.

STEM with Computer Science workshop









Icebreaker. At the first session of the workshop, CMRA Master Trainers encourage participants to get to know each other by doing a round of self-introduction








Working in teams, participants were going through the art of computational thinking. They were using Scratch to create their storyboard using the STEM method.












A example of a Learning-by-doing class. CMRA Certified Master Trainer going through the key elements of STEM with Computer Science with the participants.


STEM with Robotics workshop




Testing his own programmed robot on Robot Virtual World platform. With this virtual platform, STEM with Robotics program can also be conducted without the physical Robots in place, at anytime and anywhere. 








One of the Search & Rescue lesson, the team was testing their robots on the physical obstacle field. Here, participants are able to pick up problem solving skill independently and as a team.













Another Robotics team testing and re-working on their robots. During the process, participants in each team was holding a different role, there’s a leader, programmer, problem-solver, builder and etc. This activity encourages collaborative learning which is one of the key 21st century skill.




The team was working on their strategy and testing their robot on the robot virtual world. In order to build an effective and responsive working robots, each team has to go through four learning stages, Try > Fail > Learn > Success. STEM Education allows participants to achieve more than just academic success but also winning on their attitude in life.



It was an eventful workshop with participants going back home with a better understanding on how to implement STEM Education in their classrooms. Based on our post-workshop survey, 100% of the participants enjoyed themselves at our STEM workshops.

We hope we can continue to extend our STEM knowledge; received from the top global STEM leader, Robomatter, with most of their programs designed under the licensed of Carnegie Mellon University, to more educators in Asia.

Testimonials from the participants

  • Said Educator for Secondary Level

This workshop is useful. Your team is professional. I saw the word ‘Computational Skill’ before the workshop and I think it’s about hardware & software. Surprisingly, it is a thinking process. I get the idea from workshop. Thanks.

  • Said Mr. Thanatip Ruksilp, Educator for Loei Rajabhat University

The workshop is good, but should be expand the time for workshop

  • Said Miss Wandee Sangkaew, Educator for Watsrivitedsangkaram School (Secondary School)

Good workshop with computer science but it is too short time

  • Said Itmipong Lokutrpoi, Educator for Primary School from IPST

im really appreciated on what I’ve learned for this 2 days. It’s new and interesting for me and above all, it’s integrated lesson indeed as weel as its inspiration on both lesson and lesson givers.

  • Said Dr. Nutte Suree, Educator for Chiangmai University

It has been an exciting and entertaining, yet informative 4 educational experience. I got to have hands-on experiments. Only caveat is the time constraint that limited the holistic group and a complete understanding of each activity. But all in all, it was very fun. Thank you

  • Said Educator for Secondary School

I would like to know about training system for teachers because teachers are important to the management process for student

  • Said Mai Anusoon Piujaiyos, Educator for Secondary School

This workshop make me understand about computational thinking and make sure when I go back to teach at my school, I can apply this concept computational thinking for all activity

  • Said Skonchai Chanunan, Educator for University

The workshop should take longer than 3 days so me can get more ideas and practical work.

  • Said Educator teaching Primary School from IPST

The workshop is good and interesting. Just one thing, the material maybe difficult for schools to prepare (difficult but possible). Effective Professional Development needs to be required to help teachers to implement the activities that promote students critical thinking rather than just playing the program for fun without any meaning.


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