STEM with Robotics Program


Our  STEM  with Robotics  program  was  developed  to integrate robots into the existing curriculum that can best help teacher to deliver a blended curriculum and students to learn all four disciplines; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in one lesson.

  • Highlights of the program:
  • Uses real world  problems  to  engage  students  and  contextualize  learning that teaches  engineering,  programming,  and  foundational  mathematics
  • Is supported  by the  latest  research and best practices from Carnegie Mellon University, Robomatter and other global STEM educators and researchers
  • Includes  robot  simulation software that enables every student to program  using virtual  robots
  • Provides  students  with  the  opportunity  to be certified by Carnegie  Mellon  Robotics  Academy
  • Curriculum is designed to achieve the outcome outlined by US Common Core Standards 
  • Portion of the curriculum is designed under the license of Carnegie Mellon University
  • First in the world STEM Program to be Accredited by;

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