STEM with Computer Science Program

Our STEM with Computer Science Program is more than just programming. It helps student to learn how to succeed in a high-technology and socially interconnected world, embracing exploration, discovery, creation, collaboration and problem solving.

Highlights of the program:

  • Uses coding as an essential means in the process that leads from an original formulation of a problem to finding a solution by using the power of computing.
  • Practices computational thinking and help students to be able to conceptualize and understand computer-based technology
  • Offers activities that help students to deconstruct complex problems, abstracting important information, identifying patterns, developing algorithms and logical reasoning
  • This program provides  students  with  the  opportunity  to be certified by Carnegie  Mellon  Robotics  Academy
  • Curriculum is designed to achieve the outcome outlined by the US Common Core Standards and Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA)
  • Portion of the curriculum is designed under the license of Carnegie Mellon University
  • First STEM Program for whole School Implementation

STEM with Computer Science Curriculum


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