Our Very First Exhibition at Digital Education Show Asia (DESA) in Malaysia, KL

The Digital Education Show Asia 2016

  • Event name: The Digital Education Show Asia 2016.
  • Date: 18-19 April 2016.
  • Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Exhibition Hall 4 & 5.
  • Visit us at Booth 66.
  • Experience and compete your VEX robots on the educational field. Stand a chance to win HexBugs!
  • CM Asia Learning’s Program Director will be speaking about Advocacy of STEM Education – Computational thinking as the new literacy of the 21st Century on 18 April, 230pm.
  • Introduction to VEX robotics as a learning tool in the STEM Classroom and get the chance for a hands-on experience.


CM Asia Learning participated at the recent DESA exhibition on the 18th to 19th April 2016 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. The purpose of this is to create more awareness about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education in the Asia Market and the programs offered by CM Asia Learning.

Programs offered by CM Asia Learning includes: STEM with Computer Science Program, STEM with Robotics Program, STEM with Entertainment Technology Program and STEM Educator Training Program

STEM is the future of education, students need to equipped themselves with 21st century skill sets such as critical thinking, problem solving, brain-storming, discipline and creativity to stand a competitive edge in the new generation workforce.


Showcase of STEM with Robotics Program

At the booth, CM Asia Learning offered visitors the opportunity to experience the challenge of using VEX IQ robotics, by working as a pair to pick up blocks with a number value denomination; Blue:1, Red:3, Green:5. They were required to stack a minimum 3 cubes to meet a randomly drawn number equation as fast as possible. The quickest record time will win a prize with the best time score at 26secs!

This challenge is a sneak peak to learning benefits of STEM with Robotics program, which is about cultivating resilience, collaboration learning, problem solving and a fun way to learning the four components of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in a STEM classroom.

Winners of the Robot Challenge! The champion pair managed to solve the challenge in only 26 seconds, followed by 34 seconds and 45 seconds. (Winners from left to right)


It was a fruitful event!

It is more than just an exhibition, CM Asia Learning’s Program Director, Ng Puay San spoke on the first day of the DESA ‘s conference on the topic of ‘Advocacy of STEM education – Introducing computational thinking as the new literacy of the 21st century’. Her insightful presentation has provided the educators on the importance of the computational thinking for the 21st century school and working world.

Our Program Director, Ng Puay San presenting on the topic of ‘Advocacy of STEM education – Introducing computational thinking as the new literacy of the 21st century’.

On the second day of the event, we have CM Asia Learning’s Model Design Engineer, Fikri Akmal who conducted an on floor demonstration of using VEX robots in the STEM classroom.

Fikri Akmal, Model Design Engineer giving an introduction about VEX robots and the application of VEX robots in STEM classroom.

Participants are given a chance to hands-on with VEX robots and ask any relevant questions regarding to STEM with Robotics.

If you are interested to find out more about CM Asia Learning’s STEM programs, drop us an email at enquiry@cmasialearning.com.


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