Hear from STEM teachers



“I asked the class to each make a game using all the things they’ve learned from the past 4 months, and one of our students came up with the game below.  He made this in Scratch 2.0, downloaded .gif files and loaded it in the program as sprites.

We are getting a lot of positive feedback from parents. The training we got from CM Asia Learning paid off. Big time. For this, we are very grateful!

HEDcen is very happy with the STEM With Computer Science Program.  The school is looking forward to a stronger and lasting relationship with CM Asia Learning, Robomatter and iCarnegie Global Learning.”

    Ton Nakpil, STEM with Computer Science Educator 
HEDcen, Manilla, March 2017


“I can see how the students can benefit from student centered activities. Students who use this approach tend to understand better the lesson and retain their knowledge longer. They also develop their social skills along the way.”

“In 21st century students learning style have been changed, (so to be) a good teacher we have to change our teaching method to facilitate our students to achieve higher achievement and train them up to become a best problem solver in this challenging world. After training, I fully understand the importance of student-centered instruction and the way to apply in the classroom (to be) more effective and efficiencient.”

K-12 Teachers
Malaysia, May 2015



“Although I have been familiar with the programming and testing part of engineering process as I am an engineer, the practical implementation (of Robotics) was new to me. Hence, after teaching the students and getting the hands on experience, it makes me more confident and inspires me to learn more and more about robotics and get certified for the same.”

Robotics Teacher
from Manav Rachna International School, India , May 2015



“iCarnegie’s STEM teaching training helped me to expand my horizon as a guide and broaden my teaching potential.”

“The most valuable part of iCarnegie’s STEM teacher training was (becoming) efficient in student centered learning environment.”

“iCarnegie’s STEM teaching training helped me to build my confidence and application of math and science concepts and IT skills development.”

“With the help of iCarnegie’s STEM curriculum, my students are more confident , independent (and) better at mathematical and scientific skills.”

“After the iCarnegie training, I feel more confident in teaching the students. Students (now) grasp the concepts more efficiently and accurately.”

“With the help of iCarnegie’s STEM curriculum, my students have developed logical and analytical thinking.”

Math and Robotics Teachers
from Manav Rachna International School, India , May 2015




“As it turns out, our young students exceeded all expectations, easily grasping the new programming concepts, skills, and requirements for successfully completing the PBL (project-based learning) tasks and challenges they were able to solve for…”

Faculty member
at Allendale Columbia School in Rochester, NY,
that talks about their transition to ROBOTC in their elementary classes, November 2014




“The students had been trained in the area of building and testing physical robots, so adding CS2N into the mix gives students another outlet to experience programming. They can also design programs and test them on the virtual robots before they test it on their physical robot. If there are any problems with motors, encoders, or other parts to the robot that are causing problems with their programming, they can go to CS2N and the Robot Virtual Worlds to make sure their programming is solid. Then they can troubleshoot their physical robot, and learn how to better engineer what they have built.”

Brian Grigsby
teaches Career Technical Education Space, Science, and Engineering class at Shasta High School, CA.