Research by Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy


Published Paper by Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

Ongoing Studies

  1. Building Theory of Badges for Computer Science Education
  2. Changing Culture in Robotics Classrooms (CCRC)
    • Teaching Programming and CS Principles in Robotics Class
  3. Teaching Robot Programming Through Simulation
  4. Teaching Robot Programming Through Simulation
    • Robot Virtual Worlds Fall 2012 Study Results
  5. Robots in Motion Robot Algebra Project

Teaching Programming through Robotics

  1. Flot, J., Shoop, R (November 2013) Foregrounding Math, Engineering, and Computer Science using Robotics.. Presentation given at the Technology Education and Engineering Association of Pennsylvania Annual Conference, Camp Hill Pennsylvania., [PDF copy of PowerPoint]

Approaches in Teaching Mathematics and Robotics

  1. Silk, E. M., Schunn, C. D., & Shoop, R. (2009).Synchronized robot dancing: Motivating efficiency & meaning in problem-solving with robotics. Robot Magazine, 17 , 74-77. [Author Proof (PDF)]

Other Notable Research

National Studies around STEM with Computer Science

  1. Gal-Ezer, J. & Stephenson, C. (2009). The Current State of Computer Science in U.S. High Schools: A Report from Two National Surveys. Journal for Computing Teachers, Spring 2009