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Why STEM education?


In today’s ever changing technological world, students are living in the digital world with access to different information and data anytime and anywhere. In order to equip students with the relevant skill sets, education has to be evolved to fit into the new-gen learning environment – involving Technology.


Leveraging on technology, STEM education is introduced to help students to better learn the key subjects in school.


STEM education has been widely advocated among educational leaders and governments to encourage learning beyond individual subjects and to create a student-centric learning environment.


With STEM Education in place and the use of learning-by-doing teaching method, it could ease the delivering process of curriculum and understanding of the different disciplines in the classroom.


In collaboration with our partners and global STEM leaders, our STEM programs empowers students to learn on their own pace, ability, interest and encourage constant discovery. Our curriculum and activities are designed with the goal to get students to think more critically, solve problems, encourage ownership, and be a team player which helps to improve communication and train on their leadership skill.


The above mentioned skills are some of the top attributes of what employers are looking for, referencing the research report from NACE below,


Source: NACE, Job Outlook 2016: Attributes Employers Want to See on New College Graduates’ Resume

Below shows STEM major has high job acceptance rate, adapted from NACE’s Students in Demand: An Insight Into STEM Graduates 2015 report,


Source: NACE