About Us

CM Asia Learning

Leading the way into STEM education in Asia Pacific.

We follow a unique pedagogy learning model with extensive STEM curriculums that are born out of decades of empirical research and best practices, in partnership with top global educational institutes and academies such as Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy, Robomatter, Inc. and Zulama.

At CM Asia Learning, we advocate learning by doing in the classroom and encourages discovery through student-centric activities.  Our strong collaboration with recognised global STEM leaders and institutes allow us to offer a comprehensive suite of STEM educational contents and training program for the new-generation classroom.

Our team of Master Trainers certified by Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy are continuously adding value to the STEM program to enable effective translation of practices in Asia Pacific.

CM Asia Learning provides continuous professional development to empower teachers with the relevant knowledge and skills to deliver the curriculum more efficiently.

Portion of STEM with Computer Science and Robotics curriculum are designed under the licensed of Carnegie Mellon University.


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